About Us

A South Carolina-based Non-QM Lender

After being in the private lending sector since 2006, we saw a need to find more creative solutions to complex lending situations. Not everyone applying for a mortgage fits into a one-size-fits-all program. Therefore, we don’t try to simply “push” clients into something that doesn’t appropriately fit their needs.

Loans for non-traditional borrowers

Where Others See Roadblocks - We Find Paths

Where other lenders find roadblocks, we find responsible pathways by adjusting parameters that make it possible to take on mortgage applications that would be turned away by larger lenders. Our goal is to provide loans to non-traditional borrowers by finding solutions that are beneficial to everyone.

Lending Exclusively in South Carolina

HomeSpring Mortgage is a South Carolina-based direct portfolio lender. We do not broker any loans. We lend exclusively in South Carolina for residential and commercial properties.

HomeSpring is a full-service, non-QM lender that partners with mortgage professionals working in the non-government mortgage sector by making decisions that focus on a borrower’s ability to repay.

Lending Exclusively in South Carolina​